Meaning – Life of Reily – To live a good life.

This is surely one great life. We call it the life of Riley. We are having fine eats, are in a great detachment and the experience one gets is fine.

Private Walter J. Kennedy, WWII

Adél created the ‘Life of Reily’ blog to share her fascination with everything from a bygone era – architecture, interiors, style mavens, fashion front-blazers and artful tastemakers.

A time when good manners still prevailed. The fascination and obsession with everything from a time when it mattered how we laid our table, how we wore our scarves, driving gloves or how to pack for that month-long European-bound holiday – something she believes, we should aspire to everyday – even in the smallest of way.

Adél credits her paternal grandmother for her interest in all things pretty. With an unconventional Grandmother who held down a full-time career at the SA Wool Board, had a working girls’ wardrobe to match and spent as little of her time in the kitchen as was allowed for girls in the ‘50’s.

Adél’s earliest memories are of opening her grans’ vast wardrobe, crammed with evening dresses and rows of Ferragamo’s – all shoes stacked neatly according to colour and style. Definitely a Carrie Bradshaw trailblazer, if there ever was one! Or paging through her grans’ stacks of 1970’s Garden & Homes…… plotting their next renovation or garden revamp.

Fast Forward 30 odd years – not much has changed – with the ‘live the good life-mentality’ being further instilled by her own mom, it was just considered the only approach of doing things! Armed with a BA Degree (Stellenbosch University) and loads of enthusiasm, a 12 year stint in corporate life followed, which included a period in publishing,  and as Client Service Director in the Advertising Industry, working on lifestyle brands. It was clear that there was just no getting away from ‘Living a Good Life’!

So, after the birth of her first daughter, Sophia, Adél set-out to conquer her true passion – making everything around her beautiful – and the interior design consultancy, ‘Life of Reily’ was born. A variety of interior projects followed – a chain of clothing boutiques, a family beach house, a spa, re-vamp of a lodge, etc.

After the birth of her second daughter, Gabriella, focus shifted more towards feathering her own nest and making magic in the kitchen – whether it is perfecting that cheesecake, or making the best butternut & ricotta ravioli from scratch. Which could possibly explain the vast collection and obsession with any kind of cookbook or kitchen gadget.

Life of Reily is now ready for its next lifestyle phase. Armed with all of these lifestyle experiences, it is time to share the lifestyle passions and finds with her loyal clients and readers.

Come along for the ride – be inspired or just take some time out to reminisce of a time when taking things slow was not necessarily a bad thing. The Life of Reily blog plans to bring inspiration to those who believe that a life should be lived well and beautifully, every day and in every way. Life is a journey after all!

Special focus will be given to children – a vintage inspired clothing brand will launch later this year, along with beautifully sourced lifestyle products.

The blog inspires to take us on a creative journey to find icon tastemakers, inspiring places and fantastic foodmakers…

Come along for the ride, promise, it will be worth your while.


Tea or Coffee:
Coffee…… and loads of it – the good kind.

Style Icon(s):
Katharine Hepburn & Jackie O. for my preppy moments….
Kate Moss for when I need to release my inner rock star…..

Definition of ultimate luxury:
I frequently stamped passport, good coffee, fantastic linen and long-uninterrupted bubble baths.

Guilty Pleasure(s):
Buying Art Books and to many interior mags, along with my compulsory glass of red every night….

Best day of the week:
Definitely Sundays – the routine like ‘groundhog day’ but in a good way!
We kick the day off with a hearty breakfast and I basically immediately get into prepping mode for lunch. The sunday lunch affair is a guaranteed drawn-out one, with all the trimmings – roast, a few sides, pudding & few glasses of wine. We rarely sit down before 3:30! All the hard work makes the afternoon sleep so much more appreciative. Sunday night is movie night in our house, enjoyed with some leftover pudding or cake.

Most prized possession:
My husband of 10 years, my 2 girls and menagerie of pets (4 dogs, 4 horses and a few chickens…) Yes, we move as a pack…..