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A toast to us!

…. and we’re off! What a great feeling to see the first Life of  post!

Finally a place to gather all of my crazy thoughts & ideas and (hopefully) find some like-minded people out there!

I raise a glass to all the fabulous people that got me off to this magnificent start,

Rina, love my logo, love your work!

Lana, thanks for teaching me the ropes on getting to grips with the behind-the-scene-blogging-bits. You are by far the most patient teacher I’ve come across. Sign-up for her blog – it’s fab!

Alet our resident chef  & Daniela, the broad with the best eye in the biz, for taking a snap – my brilliantly talented contributors – you bring my stories to life – thank you, thank you, thank you!

Lauren, illustrator extraordinaire – thanks for giving my site the look & feel I wanted. Love, love your work!

cheers, launch

source: Pinterest

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