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Pleating Confession

I’ve got a serious problem buying clothes. It takes me forever to decide if something is worth it, or not. And normally by the time I’ve made up my mind and I do decide to go and get it, its gone…… story of my life. My sister don’t suffer from this disorder at all. Michelle can see the value and potential of an item, even if she herself knows that it would not see next season. And she never has guilt. Brave girl.  Now don’t get me wrong, i know what I want when it comes to furniture and would not even think twice (if I’ve got the money, that is) to buy something that I would consider an ‘investment piece’. No guilt involved. At. All. Which brings me to pleated skirts…. I pulled a reverse Carrie Bradshaw – ‘I’ve been cheating on furniture with fashion’….. and this is the culprit……  this pleated beauty. No, that’s not me wearing it (I wish) but you get the gist…..

pleats, fashion

source: momentsofspur

Ok, not just the skirt was the cause, by my serious Pinterest-addition. That , Lauren Hutton and Marisa Berenson.  Has anyone ever looked cooler in pleats than these two? No. Probably not many great fashion finds came out of the 70’s, but a big yes to pleats!

Lauren Hutton, pleats, fashion

source: junelemon


source: pleasurephotoroom

The Pinterest finds that planted the cheating thoughts……

pleats, fashion

source: momentsofspur

Pleats, fashion

sources:  1: inspirationlane; 2: lookbook; 3: iloveprettypinkthings

pleats, fashion

source: 1: wannebemagazine

Pleats, fashion

source: garancedore.fr

pleats, fashion

source: imgfave.com




source: momentsofspur

  • Pleats, fashion

source: mayasari.net


source: vicariousla

Just realised, looking at this last shot, I’ll be ok. How beautiful is that bookish tablescape? And those beautiful antique book presses underneath it? It was just an infatuation after all ….. furniture will always win…..

But, the OCD-freak in me is already hard at work – the skirt would have to become an investment piece, if she likes it or not. So, I’ve taken the trouble of giving you guys a few pointers how to look after your pleated beauties.

Care for your pleated beauty

  • Read the label

Always a good idea. If made with a delicate fabric, ie. silk or organza, follow the care instructions as given. I would also not recommend washing it, should it state ‘dry clean only’. Clearly, there is a reason for that. If washing is ok, I would suggest a cold wash, in order to avoid shrinking. And was with like colours, of course.

  • After the wash

Remove from your washing machine, and hang up – you’ll notice that the pleats will fall naturally in place. Wait for it to dry naturally completely, before getting your iron going.

  • Working with the iron

Lay out your skirt on the ironing board and arrange the pleats – you should have a guide from the existing pleat line, which you can follow. Now the neat little trick – clip each pleat with a paper clip as you go, moving the paperclip, as and when you’re finished with each pleat. Don’t iron over the metal clips for obvious reasons, the clip will get extremely hot and could damage delicate fabrics. Now you’re ready for some iron action. Set your iron to the hottest steam setting. Starting from the waistband, press the iron downward onto the pleat – hold for a few seconds, before lifting it. Move down all the pleats. Repeat process. Work your way down to the paperclip, taking care not to iron over them. Repeat, until complete.

  • After care

Immediately hang up your skirt and remove all of the paperclips. Wait until your garment has cooled down completely, before hanging it back in your closest. Ready for the next pleated excursion!

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source: ehow



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