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Vinyl is Back!

Vinyl Flooring

I remember my grandparents’ kitchen had these teal green vinyl floor tiles. Highly fashionable in its hay day I guess, along with its cousin the avocado bathroom. The floor did not really bother me at the time, but once I became a bit more aesthetically aware of my surroundings, I thought it was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.  I guess they also deserved their season in the design spotlight, along with the mullet, perm, white court shoes and neon wire bangles…… How things have changed. I think I could be quite happy with that vinyl floor now…..

I did not fall. The floor just needed a hug.

Yes, I’ve got vinyl on the mind. Our Colonial Revival house has got the cutest little enclosed back porch. Now trust me, you need for it to be enclosed – I’ve never seen bigger mosquitos as I’ve seen here and without that, there is just no way to enjoy an evening sitting outside or leaving a door open. Probably my South African spirit calling, for in my mind that should be mandatory – with a G&T in hand, just to be sure you deal with the mosquitos in the most humane way. The little back porch is a gem, but the flooring absolutely revolting. Something that would need to change – pronto. Or at least before summer hits in all its glory in Georgia. Now ripping up the existing flooring is a no-go (rental, budget) and I think painting the existing floor would just be throwing good cash after bad. I was stuck……. and then I remembered my good old friend, Vinyl!

Vinyl has really come along way from just its association with school hallways, hospitals and 1980’s fashion statements. No longer just available in green, cream, black & pink…… you now have choice in the matter. What you think of these ones? I’m smitten……..


Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring

I found a local company, Spicher & Co. – these are the designs I’ve got my eye on. Be still my fluttering little heart!

vinyl flooring           Vinyl Flooring

Pattern 15 White on Blue 70x102          Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring          Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring          Vinyl Flooring


These ones are all from the UK-based company, Harvey Maria – what I love about theirs,  is that they come in tile format – so you can go as big as your heart pleases! I think these would be just dandy in a kids’ playroom.

  designer-flooring-dining-room parquet-charcoal-chair green-floor-pattern-cals hallway-parquet-charcoal red-designer-conservatory-flooring-bn

Source: 1-12| 13-16|

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a room of one’s own

A woman must have money  and a room of her own…..  – Virginia Woolf

A room of one’s own – Virginia Woolf professed every woman should have one. I tend to agree – just a place to be quiet, gather one’s thoughts, have a cup of coffee,

read a book, plan(or plot!)

This was Virginia’s ‘room of her own’ – the one she finally got at the age of 46 – one she planned, build and furnished herself at Monk’s House, Sussex.

Virginia Woolf, Monk's House

I’ll settle for a little boathouse, way down at the bottom of the garden – that would suit me just fine!

One with loads of books, comfy chairs and a killer view….

India Hicks, study


Source: Veranda.com

lake house, on the water

source: domino.com

study, books

Source: greigedesign

take it slow

Source: texturism.tumblr.com/

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