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patrick lichfield, gypset I stumbled upon this iconic pic of  Talitha & John Paul Getty Jnr., on a  Marrakech rooftop  in 1969, taken by the fabulous Patrick Lichfield, and realised she was probably the first ‘sophisticated hippy’ if you ever got such a thing.

My own style is probably more prep than hippy, although I can’t say I don’t absolutely love the whole bohemian vibe….. Kate Moss is my book probably the master at pulling it off, without looking like a complete tie-dye mess… As my friend always say –  ‘get the look but aim for Soho when pulling off Boho!’ – thanks Shahid….. And I think that is just the trick – to make it look effortless, without throwing in the fringes, frills, tie-dyes and sandals all in one go.

And apparently, the well-travelled, sophisticated-hippy-thing has been doing the rounds for some time now – I’ve clearly been living under a rock.

Gypset,  Travel, Bohemian, Fashion
Source: viendamaria.com


Gypset (Gypsy+Jet set) is an emerging group of artists, musicians, fashion designers, surfers, and bon vivants– who lead semi-nomadic, unconventional…

Well, you had me at ‘semi-nomadic’ and that while looking fabulous – sounds like my kind of party.

Julia Chaplin, journalist and self-proclaimed Gypsetter, has published a book on Gypset living, Gypset Travel  and I tell you, I am reaching for my passport.

Gypset, Books, Nomadic

Source: Assouline

So, according to Julia, the Gypset is:

A new kind of luxury that fuses the sophistication and speed of the jet set with the wiliness of a gypsy. It’s flexible, spontaneous and ferrets out the untested and untried.

 The perfect gypset destination…

Should be two to three hours from an international airport and a little hard to get to. If something is geographically exclusive, it’s an initiation to get there. Also, there needs to be a local culture that’s intact.

Your packing essentials…

A pashmina (use it as a blanket or a sweater), a pair of Havaianas a bikini and good sunblock. All the places in my book are in warm, equatorial places, not because there aren’t gypsetters in snowy areas but because I don’t like the cold. It makes packing a lot easier, too.

Travel tip…

I never ask people about their work — or their last names, either. It’s nice to keep things abstract, be in the moment and explore the mind outside of the traditional world. Reinventions are possible.

Source: The Tory Blog

Gypset, Travel, Nomad

Gypset, Fashion, Marocco

Source: polyvore.com


And after more online snooping, I came across this woman that does that for a living!

Wow! She’s a ‘Gypset Lifestyle Guru’ (and here was me thinking calling myself a ‘blogger’ was cool).

Vienda’s  criteria for calling yourself a Gypsetter:

  • Every day is an adventure, no matter where you are or what you are doing.
  • You love fashion, music, art, writing, dancing, singing and all things beautiful.
  • You release your fears to the unknown, have no expectations for the future and carry yourself in the directions of your dreams, no matter what.
  • Attachment to material possessions is merely a superficial joy. You recognise that you are so much more than your belongings.
  • Family is not only those that you are related to by blood, but also those who you encounter and recognise a soul connection with.
  • Making an income has become part of your travels and lifestyle. You can make money anywhere you go.
  • You have a clear inventory of belongings you love and need. They all fit into a couple of bags. The rest is neatly packed away or has been given away a long time ago.
  • Your heart and soul sours every time you are in the place between places. You are free. You can love without possession.
  • It is about the journey, never about the destination.

source: viendamaria.com


Source: Tap Ruspoli via Gypset.com on Travelogue

So you don’t have to be related to a Rolling Stone to get your Gypset on, it seems it only takes a bit of guts and training yourself in packing light. I’m in, as long as James, the girls, the dogs & my Kitchen Aid can come along…..

Gypset, Travel, Nomad, K. Richards

Gypset, Travel, Nomad, K. Richards

Keith Richards & Clan doing what they do best – partying it up – Gypset style. This was for a Vogue shoot, at his North Caribbean island retreat on Parrot Bay.

source: Vogue.com


Gypset, Travel, Olsen Twins

source: www.vogue.com

The Olsen Twins got the Gypset-vibe down – although most of their coming & going (I think) happens between Manhattan and the Hamptons.

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