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a room of one’s own

A woman must have money  and a room of her own…..  – Virginia Woolf

A room of one’s own – Virginia Woolf professed every woman should have one. I tend to agree – just a place to be quiet, gather one’s thoughts, have a cup of coffee,

read a book, plan(or plot!)

This was Virginia’s ‘room of her own’ – the one she finally got at the age of 46 – one she planned, build and furnished herself at Monk’s House, Sussex.

Virginia Woolf, Monk's House

I’ll settle for a little boathouse, way down at the bottom of the garden – that would suit me just fine!

One with loads of books, comfy chairs and a killer view….

India Hicks, study


Source: Veranda.com

lake house, on the water

source: domino.com

study, books

Source: greigedesign

take it slow

Source: texturism.tumblr.com/

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