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Black & Brown in the chaos

If you had to look-up ‘OCD Neat Freak’ in the dictionary, you’ll most likely find my mugshot there. Do I color code James & the kids’ cupboards?  Yes. Do all the hangers face the same way?  Yes. Do all the labels in my pantry cupboard face forward? Yes. Do I like anything off centre or at a 45 degree angle?  No.

The one place that my disorder clearly gave a big fat skip,  is my desktop on my computer. I treat it like the sticky note pad for my mind. Lets just say, a new mommy cat will have difficulty finding her litter…… It drives James mad – he just can’t understand how I can be so utterly anal and organised  in all other departments, except for this one.

This is me – should my desktop content decide to attack me. post-it notes, Jim Carry

source: propstore

Well, I can’t explain it either, so there you have it.  But, as they say, something good always comes out of something bad, so was the case indeed with my looked-like-it-got-hit-by-a-bomb desktop. Not sure why, but found this pic – could have been that I saved it for my dad – a major vintage motorcycle enthusiast, but honestly saying, I really don’t have the foggiest clue.

vintage motorcycle, black & brown

source: tumblr

The only neural pathway motorcycles in my mind connects with, is that of moto jackets. Now that would make total sense to me. So I thought in the spirit of my chaotic desktop, that we should at least celebrate its offerings! Here’s to moto jackets!

Brown Black Collage, motojackets

source: pic 1: thumblr, pic 2: pinterest, pic 3: Celine, pic 4: adavi.blogspot, pic 5: Burberry 

Kiera Knightley all leathered-up for Coco Chanel Advert


source: myfacehunter

Francoise Hardy in her moto jacket – timelessly cool.

Francoise Hardy, motocycle

credit: Reg Lancaster, found on Getty images

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