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Get your Boho on…….


Soooooo……. it’s the first official VERY hot day here in Augusta, Georgia…… I even had to break out the Havaianas (the official start of summer in my book). And from all the media coverage, you guys have most certainly been following the festival-fashion-highs-and-lows Coachella has yet again produced for us this year. As my good friend always says – Adél, you need to aim for Soho meets Boho, not Boho meets Hobo….. just sayin’……oh and its sooo easy to get this one wrong!

 I’m also off on my own version of Coachella – way more low key – and my crowd is prob not as fashionably dressed as the Coachella crowd, but def. waaaaaay cuter – Yes, I’ve signed-up to chaperone the girls on their first Girls Scout camping trip. I might not be tripping out in the Cali-sun with boots/fringes and lots of wannabees, but I’ve decided this is no reason for me to look the Hobo version……  I’ve rounded up a few (way more toned down) options to even break out on your local back yard glamp trip. I mean, who is really considering leaving their bed/pillow/shower/coffee machine behind? I guess there is a first time for everything. Stay tuned for the updated version on this story…….

Herewith, my list of getting your glamp-on, even when you’re hanging with your Girl Scout homies…….

1.  Boho-jewels – nice, big junky numbers – a mood ring is good – still good to build a camp fire, eat that S’more and to check-in on the mood swing level for being Starbucks deprived…..


2. Cover. Your. Head

Lets face it, you WILL be blessed with a bad hair day, that my dear, is a given – might as well make it look chic, while you’re at it – bed head, turban style – no need to hide your mop under a boring baseball cap. Gamp it up, Baby!


3. Streamlined wardrobe

Ok, I DON’t look like missy here – but I do approve of her packing sense. Why pack loads of stuff, when you can get away with two for the packing effort of 1? Nice onesies seems like a good choice to me.


4. Peasant-style tops. I’ve always loved them. Must be my inner 70’s child screaming to come out. Works brilliant over a bathing costume, and allows you that 4 more extra S’mores with the guaranteed no-pinching-clothes. My kind of clothing.


5. Funky Sunnies.

For obvious reasons. You’re going to look like hell. With these sunnies, they’ll never tell the difference between you partying all night with the band or getting 20 hyper Girl Scout girls to sleep. Remember, we ALWAYS look cool. No matter the circumstances.


So, this whole intro to this post, was actually because I wanted to share the new Boho-inspired items I’ve spied at Anthropologie – damn I love this shop. Here’s my picks of their latest & greatest – what you think? You agree?

Love these pillows – can totally see them sitting pretty in a hammock.


Lovely table linen – this will brighten-up any meal in a jiffy.


Super-cute Slim Aarons notebooks – perfect for jotting down notes on that book that’s stuck inside of your head…..


PomPom Baskets! What is there not to like – perfect for hiding clutter,  to use as a kiddies laundry bag, or to throw over your shoulder for a trip to the market.


Quinoa Cookbook – to feed your hipster friends.


Ceramic to store your bling……


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patrick lichfield, gypset I stumbled upon this iconic pic of  Talitha & John Paul Getty Jnr., on a  Marrakech rooftop  in 1969, taken by the fabulous Patrick Lichfield, and realised she was probably the first ‘sophisticated hippy’ if you ever got such a thing.

My own style is probably more prep than hippy, although I can’t say I don’t absolutely love the whole bohemian vibe….. Kate Moss is my book probably the master at pulling it off, without looking like a complete tie-dye mess… As my friend always say –  ‘get the look but aim for Soho when pulling off Boho!’ – thanks Shahid….. And I think that is just the trick – to make it look effortless, without throwing in the fringes, frills, tie-dyes and sandals all in one go.

And apparently, the well-travelled, sophisticated-hippy-thing has been doing the rounds for some time now – I’ve clearly been living under a rock.

Gypset,  Travel, Bohemian, Fashion
Source: viendamaria.com


Gypset (Gypsy+Jet set) is an emerging group of artists, musicians, fashion designers, surfers, and bon vivants– who lead semi-nomadic, unconventional…

Well, you had me at ‘semi-nomadic’ and that while looking fabulous – sounds like my kind of party.

Julia Chaplin, journalist and self-proclaimed Gypsetter, has published a book on Gypset living, Gypset Travel  and I tell you, I am reaching for my passport.

Gypset, Books, Nomadic

Source: Assouline

So, according to Julia, the Gypset is:

A new kind of luxury that fuses the sophistication and speed of the jet set with the wiliness of a gypsy. It’s flexible, spontaneous and ferrets out the untested and untried.

 The perfect gypset destination…

Should be two to three hours from an international airport and a little hard to get to. If something is geographically exclusive, it’s an initiation to get there. Also, there needs to be a local culture that’s intact.

Your packing essentials…

A pashmina (use it as a blanket or a sweater), a pair of Havaianas a bikini and good sunblock. All the places in my book are in warm, equatorial places, not because there aren’t gypsetters in snowy areas but because I don’t like the cold. It makes packing a lot easier, too.

Travel tip…

I never ask people about their work — or their last names, either. It’s nice to keep things abstract, be in the moment and explore the mind outside of the traditional world. Reinventions are possible.

Source: The Tory Blog

Gypset, Travel, Nomad

Gypset, Fashion, Marocco

Source: polyvore.com


And after more online snooping, I came across this woman that does that for a living!

Wow! She’s a ‘Gypset Lifestyle Guru’ (and here was me thinking calling myself a ‘blogger’ was cool).

Vienda’s  criteria for calling yourself a Gypsetter:

  • Every day is an adventure, no matter where you are or what you are doing.
  • You love fashion, music, art, writing, dancing, singing and all things beautiful.
  • You release your fears to the unknown, have no expectations for the future and carry yourself in the directions of your dreams, no matter what.
  • Attachment to material possessions is merely a superficial joy. You recognise that you are so much more than your belongings.
  • Family is not only those that you are related to by blood, but also those who you encounter and recognise a soul connection with.
  • Making an income has become part of your travels and lifestyle. You can make money anywhere you go.
  • You have a clear inventory of belongings you love and need. They all fit into a couple of bags. The rest is neatly packed away or has been given away a long time ago.
  • Your heart and soul sours every time you are in the place between places. You are free. You can love without possession.
  • It is about the journey, never about the destination.

source: viendamaria.com


Source: Tap Ruspoli via Gypset.com on Travelogue

So you don’t have to be related to a Rolling Stone to get your Gypset on, it seems it only takes a bit of guts and training yourself in packing light. I’m in, as long as James, the girls, the dogs & my Kitchen Aid can come along…..

Gypset, Travel, Nomad, K. Richards

Gypset, Travel, Nomad, K. Richards

Keith Richards & Clan doing what they do best – partying it up – Gypset style. This was for a Vogue shoot, at his North Caribbean island retreat on Parrot Bay.

source: Vogue.com


Gypset, Travel, Olsen Twins

source: www.vogue.com

The Olsen Twins got the Gypset-vibe down – although most of their coming & going (I think) happens between Manhattan and the Hamptons.

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