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everything and the kitchen sink

Now I will not make any excuse for my desire to travel twenty/four/seven, but with a a family & job, and all the other lovelies of life that comes with it, the travelling needs to be armchair bound – for most of the time….. And for those of you that have travelled with kids in tow, you’ll agree, that although a five star abode might be super appealing, the lovely standard room with tiny mini bar, only goes so far!  Yes, it is fine to keep the Champagne chilled, but lets face it, you’ll swop that in a heartbeat for access to a kettle, washing machine and home’s other creature comforts, once you’re dealing with a sick child, whilst on holiday……

Also, who would say no to a little more space – Lets face it – a 3×4 size room, with husband,  2 small kids in tow, luggage, has never made for a fun time….. and then they still need to set-up the roll-out bed! Well, I had my armchair travel itch scratched this morning…..

I stumbled onto the Palihouse West Hollywood, this morning and it is clear someone who know what it feels like to travel with a posse, had a hand in the design….. Apart from the perfect setting (West Hollywood) and the normal 5-star creature comforts, ie. beautiful mid-century interiors, carrera marble bathrooms, luxe linens, wi-fi and 5-star in-room dining, it also offers an in-suite washer/dryer & fridge; high-end kitted kitchen appliances, little stove, microwave, toaster, iron & ironing board and pet amenities…..

So, you can still live the Hollywood dream, but play perfect mini-house at night. Oh, and did I mention it also includes access to a spa and on-call therapists….. not sure if that is therapy for your travelling cat/budgie, but I would not put that pass them. Luckily the concierge is a phone call away……

Sigh, I am willing to give it a try….



Palihouse Bar

Source: http://ohjoy.blogs.com

PaliHouse Suite

/ Palihouse dining

PaliHouse W HollyLibrary

source: palihousewesthollywood

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